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The Sounds of Nature

Madang Podcast: Robert P. Jones, Ep. 32

Fly (aka Fortune's Song)

Preaching at The Passion Center

Reflection on Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity

Waking the Goose

Land, People and Culture Conference

Madang Podcast: Bill McKibben, Ep. 31

Publisher's Weekly: Surviving God

The Risk of Being Woke

White Coat Ceremony at Yale Medical School

Hunger for Wholeness: Justice, Wholeness, K-Drama and Chi

Feminist Theologies: The Basics

Madang Podcast and Homebrewed Christianity

Madang Podcast: Terence Lester, Ep. 30

Madang Podcast at the Wild Goose Festival

Wild Goose Festival

Contextual Theology in Korea

"Christianity in North America" is Published

Madang Podcast: Zack Hunt, Ep. 29

Yale-Edinburgh Conference

Empowered to Do the Work of God

Surviving God: Pre-order

Preached at Green Tree Church, Korea

Glad You Asked: Why does the Holy Spirit appear as a dove?

When God Became White

For a more inclusive vision of the church, look to Pentecost

The Invisible Me, an Excerpt from "Invisible"

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Korean Spiritual Formation

A Theology of Women in God’s Mission

Madang Podcast: Beth Allison Barr, Ep. 28

An Excerpt from "Christianity in North America"

Why I Wrote Invisible

Portraits of Global Christianity

Where Doctrine, Women, and Climate Justice Meet

Draw the Circle Wide

Love, Friendship, and Scholarship

Daughter Dances at Cornell

Madang Podcast: Robert Ellsberg, Ep. 27

From Sickness to Sabbath: Embracing Rest

"Bonhoeffer and the Future of Faith"

Surviving God: Co-writing a New Book

Speaker at the Society for Pentecostal Studies

Book Review of "Invisible"

Madang Podcast: Reggie Williams

Happy International Women's Day

LOKO Dance at Cornell University

Campbell University: Staley Lectures 2023

Lent: Living God's Grace

Madang Podcast: Graham Joseph Hill

Invisible: Tearfund Magazine Interview

Translations Matter

New Friendships

Anti-Asian Racism: Book Interview with Dr. Joe Cheah

Madang Podcast: Cole Arthur Riley

Christianity in North America