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Madang Podcast: Kwok Pui Lan, Ep. 35


Christmas is about worshiping Jesus

Give a gift of "Loving Life" to a Friend

Advent, Gaza and the coming of Christ

Decolonizing our Faith

Pre-order "When God Became White"

Madang Podcast: Mitri Raheb, Ep. 34

A Theology of Visibility: F4NP Podcast

Orientalism and Gaza

Rethinking God

Love thy Neighbor

Madang Podcast: Kaitlin Curtice, Ep. 33

Living in Prayer and Hope

On building walls

Speaker at The Veritas Lecture Series

Praying for Palestine and Israel

Copyediting "When God Became White"

The Sounds of Nature

Madang Podcast: Robert P. Jones, Ep. 32

Fly (aka Fortune's Song)

Preaching at The Passion Center

Reflection on Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity

Waking the Goose

Land, People and Culture Conference

Madang Podcast: Bill McKibben, Ep. 31

Publisher's Weekly: Surviving God

The Risk of Being Woke

White Coat Ceremony at Yale Medical School

Hunger for Wholeness: Justice, Wholeness, K-Drama and Chi

Feminist Theologies: The Basics

Madang Podcast and Homebrewed Christianity

Madang Podcast: Terence Lester, Ep. 30

Madang Podcast at the Wild Goose Festival

Wild Goose Festival

Contextual Theology in Korea

"Christianity in North America" is Published

Madang Podcast: Zack Hunt, Ep. 29

Yale-Edinburgh Conference

Empowered to Do the Work of God

Surviving God: Pre-order

Preached at Green Tree Church, Korea

Glad You Asked: Why does the Holy Spirit appear as a dove?

When God Became White

For a more inclusive vision of the church, look to Pentecost

The Invisible Me, an Excerpt from "Invisible"

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Korean Spiritual Formation

A Theology of Women in God’s Mission

Madang Podcast: Beth Allison Barr, Ep. 28

An Excerpt from "Christianity in North America"

Why I Wrote Invisible

Portraits of Global Christianity

Where Doctrine, Women, and Climate Justice Meet

Draw the Circle Wide

Love, Friendship, and Scholarship

Daughter Dances at Cornell

Madang Podcast: Robert Ellsberg, Ep. 27

From Sickness to Sabbath: Embracing Rest

"Bonhoeffer and the Future of Faith"

Surviving God: Co-writing a New Book

Speaker at the Society for Pentecostal Studies

Book Review of "Invisible"

Madang Podcast: Reggie Williams

Happy International Women's Day

LOKO Dance at Cornell University

Campbell University: Staley Lectures 2023

Lent: Living God's Grace

Madang Podcast: Graham Joseph Hill

Invisible: Tearfund Magazine Interview

Translations Matter

New Friendships

Anti-Asian Racism: Book Interview with Dr. Joe Cheah

Madang Podcast: Cole Arthur Riley

Christianity in North America